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Why use led lighting: 1, First and far most LED tube lights are very efficient in terms of  energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. Because LED tubes burn very cool, a lot less energy is require to make them run. This is going to give you considerable savings on your electric bills and on your budget.

2,Nowaday’s good quality LED lighting are in the market and professional technician estimated that it can be used  for 50,000 to 100,000 hours.LEDs can outlast any incandescent or fluorescent tube light by up to 1000%. And they are also very durable. These led tube lights are designed with no fragile filaments nor tubes. That means they can subject to shock and different temperatures and they will continue to work. Indeed, these lights are one of the best innovations of this day.

3, Although LED lights are a bit expensive than other type of lighting, but if we look at the other benefits of LED’s in that case they are very cost effective in the long run. Their design flexibility, powerful nature, small size and availability in almost all kinds of colors make them an attractive choice for household use. They are also safe to be used around children as they do not produce much heat. Visible LED tubes do not produce any ultraviolet radiation and are therefore useful for a wide range of purposes.

So, Finally the conclusion of the discussion is that you can find LED lighting has many advantages over other types of tube lighting. It is not only cost-effective but also very safe and useful

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Shanghai aisan electronics Co.,Ltd is a modern hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of LED lights bulbs in Shanghai China.Under the execution of ISO 9001 -2000 version quality system, we assure our led light bulbs at a high quality level. Over the past year, we succeed design many night light projects. We have invested heavily in quality control and assurance. As a result, most of our customers are stable and consistent. We have never compromised our dedication towards quality and customer service. As we always state, we shall relentlessly dedicate our effort in customer service, design innovation, and new product creations.
The following is our main products:

high power LED street lights, LED fluorescent tube lights,LED par lights,LED spotlights, ,LED Inground Lamps,G24 PLC SMD LED downlights,LED rope lights,LED flashlight,LED strips,LED Tunnel Lights,LED auto lights,Solar LED street lights, LED Fence-protective Lamp; LED High-power Spot Lights,high power led street lights,LED Formative Fancy Light, and etc…

Our objective: Human-oriented, Strives for the quality control and assurance, strives for the development by the science and technology unceasingly keeping innovating & managing.High Standard service: most superior quality product, the comprehensive customer service; the best specialized plan and the best specialized construction team.Our company hopes to create the bright future with our dedication and your support in the future.