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24w T8 LED tube lights

24w T8 LED tube lights
24w T8 LED tube lights24w T8 LED tube lights24w T8 LED tube lights24w T8 LED tube lights
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T8 T5 LED tubes
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want to install easily? Use aisan T8 LED tube light 24w,best quality T8 led tube lights in shanghai china.


1. Input Voltage:    90-277V AC
2. Power Consumption:24±0.5W
3. Lighting Source: 5050 SMD LED
4. LED Quantity:    120  pcs
5. Operation Temperature:    -20~40℃ (-4~104℉)
6. Dimension: L1200.0×D24mm
7. Weight:      130g
8. Housing:     AL+PC
9.lumens flux:      2500lm                                                                                                                                                                                     10.Work Environment:   Indoor use (applicable for dry environment)

1.No RF interference;
2.Electric wave resistant ;
3.Energy saving up to 65%. high intensity;
4.Good light quality and good heat dissipation ;
5.Special different view angles mixing lighting design;
6.New inner high efficiency (90%) constant current driver, with heat protection system, can work under unstable voltage;
7.Special circuit design, each LED work separately, avoiding the single broken LED influence problem.

T8 led tube lights can save more than 70% energy than traditionall tube lights.Our T8 LED Tube Lights are made up with special different view angles mixing lighting design, T8 specs, inner high efficiency constant current driver, with less degradation and 50000 hours life span replacing T8,T10 fluorescent lamp,brighter than fluorescent lamp,better than most similar product.
1.Hotels Hospitals;
2.Factories & Offices Commercial Complexes;
3.Conference / Meeting rooms ;
4.Residential / Institution Buildings ;
5.Schools, Colleges & Universities ;
6.Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting.

T8 led tube length

Model NO. Input Voltage (V)Input Power (W) Luminous Flux (LM)  A length.(mm)
 AIE-T8-9W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V8.2  1000-1050 589
AIE-T8-15W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V 14.2  1550-16001198
 AIE-T8-18W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V 16.31850-1950  1198
AIE-T8-20W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V 18.52050-2150  1198
AIE-T8-24W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V 22.3 2500-2600 1198
 AIE-T8-28W AC85-305V/DC12V/DC24V 26.2 2950-3050 1498

t8 flux

Want to install easily? use aisan T8 led tube lights! Use aisan T8 led tube lights,everyone can be a  professional Installation Engineer.

   There are only 3 step to install T8 led tube lights:

  First,short the ballast . Second,remove the starter. Third,intall the T8 led tube light

how to install aisan T8 led tube lights